TIGER TAIL is a nylon coated wire. It is used with crimp beads which are tiny fasteners.
1. Cut your tiger tail 6" longer than your finished piece will be.
2. Slip on a crimp bead at one end, then slip on your clasp. Loop the end of your tiger tail back through the crimp bead leaving a 2" tail.
3. Use a pair of pliers to crush the crimp bead flat. It should not move if you have crushed it well.
4. Using other end of the tiger tail, string on beads to desired pattern. Help the first few beads over the 2" tail so it does not show.
5. After you are done stringing beads on, slip on another crimp bead and the other end of the clasp. As before, take the other end of the tiger tail and loop it back through the crimp bead and the 2" of beads.
6. Crush crimp bead and check for security, then cut off extra tiger tail.

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